20 Bolts - M14X1.25 - BMS Titanium Lug Bolts for BMW (F Chassis)

  • $ 149.00

SKU: Titanium Black F x20 Bolts


Add style while saving rotational weight.

Titanium is known for its superior strength, light weight and corrosion resistance. This set of OEM style Grade 5 Titanium Lug Bolts is not only stronger than stock but weigh 45% less. A net savings of about a pound of rotating weight total. Every pound counts in racing. Available in natural titanium color, matte black, and gold. These commplement facotry and aftermarket wheels well. Great for the i3 and I8. Every pound counts.

F Chassis Titanium Bolts
Replaces OEM BMW Part Number 36136781151 WHEEL BOLT M14X1.25

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